1055LF Extra Fine Line Laser

Focusable Fine Line Mini Laser with Industrial Housing

The Focusable Extra Fine Line Laser 1055LF incorporates a 635nm visible laser diode with a focusable line generator that produces a red laser line approximately 1mm wide at a distance of 4-6 feet. A mounting bracket is available, or one can be custom designed for your specific application. Each generator unit is supplied with a 5 Volt Regulated AC/DC Power Converter that plugs into a 110V power source. This laser line generator unit produces an 8 foot long x .0625" wide, visible red line at a distance of 4 feet from the surface.
Extra Fine Line Mini Laser 1055LF with A7211 Mounting Bracket Fine Line Laser


• Compact & Durable • Easy to install • Scratch Resistant Lens • Laser Unit Sealed for use in Harsh Applications • Used with Semiconductor Laser • Turn-on Delay (approx. 5 sec.) • Reliable • Rugged Case • On/Off Indicator • One Year Warranty

Applications Include

• Tire Building • Sawmills • Woodworking • Alignment • Edge Detection • Positioning • And many others, call us with your specific laser alignment equipment application.


• Laser: Visible LaserDiode • Wavelength: 635 nm (5nm) • Housing Material: Anodized Aluminum • Indicator Cover: Lexan • Laser Class: II, IIIa • Window: Sapphire • Voltage Requirements: 5VDC (regulated) 55mA Typical.

Laser Mounting Hole Configuration