Laser Alignment Systems

laser alignmentSince 1970 H-W Fairway has  proudly manufactured cutting-edge laser alignment and calibration systems to a wide range of industries. Laser alignment systems are used in the positioning and calibration of machines and machine tools to solve straightness, flatness, parallelism, squareness, and leveling issues.

Most industries rely on laser alignment to ensure the perfect machine configuration that their specific equipment requires. There are many documented cases of machine components being as little as 0.004 inch or less out of square. In this scenario, the best case is that the process ends up costing the machining center a whole lot more than it should. The worst case, of course, is that the entire production run is a waste resulting in a loss of productivity and revenue.

In fact, improper machine geometry is said to be responsible for roughly fifty percent of alignment problems in machinery. Laser alignment systems function as a remedy in much the same way as would a straight edge, steel square, knee square, and so on. The benefits of HW Fairway’s products (as opposed to, for instance, their mechanical counterparts) are many, including the speed and ease of use of the used technology.

Fairway started in the industry with HeNe technology and now utilizes state of the art visible laser diodes to produce laser lines and laser dot units that are used as a visual guide for many types of positioning applications.