1686-B Pull Cord Switch

Mechanically Maintained Pull Cord Switch

HW Fairway's general purpose pull cord switch has a type 1 enclosure and may be operated by a pull cord or a direct acting force. Once actuated, it will remain in the actuated state until it is manually reset at the switch. Model 1686-B is not explosion-proof, nor is it recommended for outdoor use. This unit can be set up with the pull cord attached to a 1/2" bar inserted in the handle assembly, or the pull cord can be attached to the eye bolt on the lever assembly. Please note the wiring diagrams below.

Product Features:

• Positive Action • Two normally open or two normally closed contacts in series. (Pull cord switch as furnished is wired for normally conductive operation.) • Redundant internal contactors for extra reliability. • Easy access to wiring connections. • Rugged, heavy wall, cast aluminum construction. • Wiring connection are provided for a remote indicator light to indicate that switch has been actuated. • Snap action manual re-set. • Threaded conduit entry - 1/2 I.P.S. • Captivated cover screws. • Serially numbered for the record.
Pull Cord Switch