Laser Line Guide Lights

Incandescent Guide Lights and Laser Line Projectors

Used in the context of tire building machinery, the Fairway Model 1004 Line Projector produces a bright sharp line of white light. The 1004 can be used as a guide for any visual alignment or positioning operation, including that of tire building machinery. The 1004 produces a visible line at a distance of 3ft. to 12ft, which is ideal for most tire building machinery specifications. Color kits are available to produce red, blue, green, and orange lines of light. The 1004 has a unique laser mounting bracket that attaches to a one-inch bar. This bracket also allows the line to be adjusted in all directions, allowing flexibility on all applications. Our 1004 Guide lights use a #68 Lamp.
Laser Line Guide Lights

1004T Model

* With Fairway Transformers. Voltage: 115VAC Current: .3A Weight: lbs. kg. Gross: 6.1 / 2.8 Net: 5.9 / 2.7

1004 Model

* Use with Fairway Transformers. Voltage: 9.5VAC Current: 3.5A Weight: 1lbs. kg. Gross: 3.9 / 1.8 Net: 3.6 / 1.6


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