Laser Components and Guide Lights

Mini Laser ComponentsFor visual alignment and precise positioning operation, in the context of tire building, HW Fairway Extra Fine Line 1055LF Focusable Extra Fine Line Mini Laser and the 1004 Guidelight are the ideal laser components. With visible line distances from three to twelve feet,  and available in a spectrum of colors, the 1004 Guidelight can be adjusted in multiple directions to suit a range of applications. The 1055LF offers a focused red laser line from a distance of four to six feet at 1mm wide. It is equipped with a 635nm visible laser diode.

Features of Laser Components for Tire Building

Our lasers and guide lights for this applications are durable, easy to install, and offer reliable laser line use after use. They come standard with a scratch resistant lens, heavy duty anodized aluminum housing for harsh conditions, Lexan indicator cover, sapphire window, 5VDC voltage usage and a one year warranty.