1052 Cross Hair Laser

Fixed Focused Mini Cross-Hair Laser

The Fairwaiy model 1052 is one of the smallest fixed focus mini cross-hair laser line generators on the market today. The 1052 offers the user a 653nm visible laser diode fixed focus, cross hair laser unit with 2x4-40CLR through holes for mounting purposes. Each cross-hair laser unit is supplied with an AC/DC Power Converter that plugs into a 110v power supply. This unit produces 5 ft. long lines at a distance of 4 ft. from the surface.

Mini Cross-Hair Laser Model 1052 with A7206 Mounting Bracket. Cross-Hair Laser Alignment


• Operating Current: 120mA/170mA • Voltage Required: 5.0VDC (Required) • Emissions Indicator: Red LED • Case: @ neutral potential • Internal Electronics: Static, Surge, and reverse Polarity Protected. • Operating Temperature: -10°C. to 85C. • Storage Temperature: -40°C. to 85C. • Size: 1.465" x 1.155" x .560"

Mounting Hole Configuration and Specs